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Do you feel unsatisfied with the direction of your life and the quality of your relationships? 

At ArborSage Counseling, we believe strongly in treating the whole person, taking the time to understand each person's individual and unique needs in order to heal from past wounds, grow into the person they would like to become, and thrive in their lives and relationships. We have a firm belief that we can all work towards achieving a sense of healing, hope and well being.

ArborSage Counseling: Centered wisdom, guiding you to a better life!

Washington Mental Health Therapy practice, ArborSage Counseling, is centered wisdom focused on helping clients heal from past wounds, grow to 

be the person they aspire to be, and thrive in their lives. Trusted therapist, ShaeAnn Reeseunderstands that the journey of therapy is one of 

evolution. Within each one of us, is the strength and the drive to break through that which holds us down. It is within the therapeutic relationship that our joined effort will facilitate the journey, providing a safe place where powerful growth, healing and change can take place. Whether you need someone to talk to, someone to lend advice, or someone to support and encourage you, contact ShaeAnn for more information.



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