Answers to the most commonly asked questions

How much does counseling cost?

Counseling sessions are 50-55 minutes in length and cost $110 per session. Acceptable forms of payment include check, cash, credit/debit cards. I can also accept your HSA or Flexible Spending cards. There is a $5 discount for those who choose to pay with cash (please bring correct change).

If you have questions about my fees, please contact me at 360-226-2199,, or through my online form.

When are you available and how do I set up an appointment?

I am currently in the office on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with appointments available from 6:30 – 8:30 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Please keep in mind that the later appointments tend to book quickly and may need to be scheduled in advance.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my office hours and availability.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance, nor am I on any insurance panels. However, if you would like to access your “out of network” benefits, I can provide you with a Statement for Reimbursement form (also called a Superbill) for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. I have had many clients receive at least partial reimbursement for the cost of the sessions this way. A word of warning though: In order to do this, I am required by insurance companies to give you a “Diagnosis Code” which will become part of your permanent medical record. Please contact your insurance provider to make sure your policy includes out of network mental health providers and counseling services.

What if I move or need to cancel my appointment?

I understand that things come up, so you can cancel or reschedule your appointment with at least 48 hours notice. If it’s less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged for the appointment

Will my sessions be confidential?

Absolutely! Confidentiality is a key component of the counseling relationship, allowing you a safe place to work through personal issues. Your right to confidentiality will be carefully maintained and will not be disclosed without your written permission, except in cases of possible harm to yourself or others (especially children or the elderly) or a criminal court subpoena.

Is counseling really for me, I find it embarrassing?

It's hard to ask for help in a society that tells us we need to “have it all” while appearing to “have it all together”. Therapy is a very healthy investment in yourself, your relationships and future. It is a choice to make a proactive change in order to better yourself and your life. Therapy is an investment in yourself that allows you to heal from past wounds, grow into the person you aspire to be and thrive in your life and relationships