Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Can I park the Golf Cart everywhere on the island?

If the sidewalk is painted yellow, that means you can not park your golf cart there, if the sidewalk is white or plain, you can park there. Also there are lots of designated parking spaces around the Island.

What if the tank gets low on gasoline?

The Golf Cart doesn't use that much gasoline but if you take it for a few loops around the island or use it for multiple days, you can fill up your tank at 1 of the two gas stations on the island.

Can the Golf Cart only have one driver?

The Golf Cart will be rented under the name of one person and this person will be responsible for the vehicle. If this person wants to let another person drive, then that is not a problem as long the driver is 18+ age limit and has a valid driver’s license

Can I drive everywhere on the island?

No, you cannot drive onto the beaches, onto the malecon downtown or along the Caribbean side, if the road is not paved we recommend not driving onit. Be careful of Isla Mujeres’ one way streets. Downtown is made up of one way streets, make sure to check signs and direction of parking before you turn down a street.

Can I drive the Golf Cart after a beer with my dinner?

No. There is a zero alcohol tolerance for drivers on Isla Mujeres, this means that you cannot drink anything if you are planning to drive. Please have a designated driver or leave your Golf Cart locked up and take a taxi back. If you get pulled over, and tested after you have been drinking fines and penalties apply, they may also take the Golf Cart from you.

Can my 12 year old child drive the Golf Cart?

No, the Golf Carts are not toys, please do not allow others to drive (unless they are 18 with a valid driver’s license), steer or control the pedals of the vehicle. Please respect the rules and regulations in place on Isla Mujeres, designed to keep our visitors and residents safe. Only drivers 18+ with a valid driver’s license can drive the Golf Cart.

My Golf Cart won’t start, what should I do?

You can contact the Golf Cart company directly and they will send someone to help you, or you can contact us and can make arrangements for someone to come and help you.

Why is there a bike lock provided with my Golf Cart?

This is provided to lock your Golf Cart up while it is unattended. You should lock the steering wheel to the Golf Cart frame each time you leave the Golf Cart so that the Golf Cart cannot be moved.

Why does the Golf Cart company take my license upon rental?

The company takes one license as a deposit when you rent the Golf Cart, this is from the person in charge of the party. Others with a valid driver’s license can use the Golf Cart with the permission of the person in charge.

We are 4 adults and 1 small child, can we just rent a 4 person Golf Cart?

No, 4 person Golf Carts are for 4 people only, you can not overload the Golf Carts with more than stated limit, as this can cause accidents when turning etc.

How easy is it to drive around Isla Muejers? Is there anything I should be aware of while I am driving around the island?

Drive the Golf Cart like you are driving a car, always check for bicycles, scooters and other vehicles that may be in your blind spots before turning. Use signals when turning, and be aware of pedestrians, children and animals in the streets, do not drive too fast! Downtown Isla Mujeres, you cannot drive up Avenida Hidalgo, this is a pedestrian street on Isla Mujeres. Watch out for one way streets in downtown Isla Mujeres, and around the island, and do not drive down the malecon, on the beaches or onto the beaches. As the Golf Carts are usually slower than other traffic, you must stick to the right hand side of the road to allow other vehicles to pass you, taxis will often beep the horns as a sign that they are going to overtake.

What happens if I get pulled over by the police while on my Golf Cart?

If you are following the rules, sticking to the speed limit, have an 18+ licensed driver driving who has not been drinking, and under the required amount of people on the Golf Cart you will not have any problems with the police.

Can I take my rented Golf Cart on the car ferry to Cancun?

No, you cannot drive the Golf Carts in Cancun.

Do Golf Carts come with lights for night driving?

Yes, the Golf Carts all come with lights for driving at night.

What if I lose the Golf Cart key?

If you lose the key, you will need to contact us directly, or the Golf Cart company. There will be a fee. Please take care of your Golf Cart, and of the key.

Do I need to hand signal while driving the Golf Cart?

Yes, as the Golf Carts do not come with signals, you will need to use your hands when signalling to turn. If you are turning right, a 90 degree arm signal will show others that you are planning to turn right. If you are turning left, look over your left shoulder as you slow down/ stop before you stick out your left arm (be sure not to stick it out abruptly in case something is passing you). Be aware of vehicles overtaking you and undertaking you at all times.

Why stay on the right side of the street?

When you are driving the Golf Cart, stick to the right hand side of the road to allow faster vehicles to pass you, do not drive in the middle of you side of the road as taxis, cars and buses often want to pass faster. If you hear a taxi beeping their horn at you its because they want to pass or are warning you that they are about to overtake.

Can I drive the golf cart on the airport strip?

No, you cannot drive the Golf Carts on the airport strip, this is government land, and often the Navy Base land their helicopter here. If you are on it while there is a helicopter, you will be asked to leave by the police or marines.

I’m running late to return golf cart time? Extra charge?

Yes, if you are running late to return your Golf Cart, there is a late fee.

I would like to extend the rental service can I?

Yes, you can extend your rental, please let us know.