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Rates / Insurance / Cancellation and No Show Policy


Currently Accepting: 

. Regence

. Premera

. Kaiser

. First Choice

. Aetna

. Optum

. Providence

. Out of pocket/ Out of Network.

. Sliding scale

Please check with your insurance carrier to find out the following:

            1.  Coverage

            2. Mental health benefits

            3. Co pay and deductible amounts

            4. Number of sessions covered

            5. Do they pay for out-of-network providers

            6. Do you need a referral. 

Rates Per Session: 

Mental Health Assessment: $200.00

Individual Session: $150.00 

Family Session w/Patient Present (50 mins.): $175.00

Family Session w/out Patient Present (50 mins): $175

Brief Emotional/ Behavioral Assessment: $15.00

Crisis Therapy (30 - 75 mins.): $150.00

Prolonged Crisis Therapy (30 + mins): 150.00

No Show/Late Cancellation Fee: 150.00

Group Sessions: Vary

Group Classes: Vary 

Credit Charge take back fee: $45.00

NSF Fee: $45.00

Cancellation/ No Show Policy: 

Notice for cancellation must be given 24 hours prior to session. Late cancellation will be charged at full session rate. 

No- Show appointment will be be charged at full rate of session. 
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