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Cancer and Chronic Illness 

Living with chronic illness or a disability can present many challenges.  Many individual's with these challenges manage to adapt their lifestyles and learn to cope with the affects of the disability or illness. 

While it is not clear if treatment of depression and other mental health issues in the presence of chronic illness, it is important  for the patient to seek treatment.  Chronic illness brings on so many other issues.  Mental Health therapy can make a difference in the day to day  life and as well as the ability to cope with medical treatment.

It is very common for those going through challenges due to disabilities or illness to experience anger, depression, anxiety and stress.  A therapist can help normalize the emotions the individual is experiencing.  The therapist and the individual, together, can explore ways to address and resolve feelings that arise from the changes to the outward appearance and the issues of maintaining a separate view of self from the disability or chronic illness. Therapy helps to clarify these and other similar concerns.

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