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Women's Issues 




Women's issues pertain to any number of concerns that women face on a daily basis from appearance, aging, fitness, weight issues, eating problems, pregnancy, loss of pregnancy, self-identity, boundary issues, self-esteem and confidence, sexual assault/trauma, motherhood, relationship and social issues, career problems. In counseling, any and all concerns can be discussed in the privacy of the therapeutic office.   

In therapy, it is a unique opportunity to work with other women who can connect on common grounds.  Adding benefit and wisdom from our own life experiences help to lessen the feelings of being alone or that no one understands . As therapists we understand how to work through the unique challenges, to build resilience and to become our best selves. Know that you are NOT alone.  While only you can understand and know how you truly feel, I want to hear your story, to understand and help you heal, to work through these common issues, to live a happier, more fulfilled life. 

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