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Changing Perspectives

Just as the butterfly transforms through growth and change, the world around us slowly shifts, allowing our perspectives to deepen.

The way we view the world around us and our experience of it will change from our youth through adulthood. As we learn and grow, our perspective changes leading us to new areas of growth. We begin to develop social awareness. The ability to understand how things that we do affect those around us. This realization leads us to make better decisions in our own lives. We begin to double think our own actions, stop 'just doing' and begin to think through the consequence of the aftermath. We learn new ways to be more responsible, we are able to better reason as we get older. What we understood and could reason when we are in our 20's changes in our 30's, 40's, and so on. We learn that things we used to put heavy importance on, no longer matters or lessens in the degree of perspective.

Life changes as we change. It's a natural and normal part of life. How we handle those changes makes the difference. Accepting change is a vital part of life. It is an integral part of personal happiness. How we process and accept change lends to the quality of life and how we care for ourselves in the process. As the caterpillar grows to a butterfly, allow the changes to mold and propel you to a different and higher perspective. Allow your heart, mind and soul to be enlightened by the knowledge, emerging as the butterfly from the chrysalis - fresh, new and more beautiful.

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